Andrew easley

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Evelyn lay limp at his knees

His hard-boned limbs out stretched. His pitch blue eyes winnipeg personal trainer shining. Shrewd eyes. Fresh-faced, his eyes betrayed his age now edging towards thirty than twenty. Sitting across from him was a man facing age full frontal. An old guy touching his white beard as philosophers had done, so many years before. He sat jangling ice in a scotch glass on his rolling stomach where he lay on the sofa. His ruddy face was relaxed and he whistled a melody.

Do you know the name? The early evening calls crept into the living room. …mmm… The old man mumbled. A voice bred from middle England. I know that name. He scratched his nose and intently sighted the glass in his hand. Lucas. Luca glanced up at him, impatiently requesting an answer. No, Luc, it’s not going to come for a winnipeg personal trainer while.

He shrugged then grinned and chuckled. I’m getting old, blame the grey cells. Luca lifted his eyebrows. I could blame something. He intonated at something close at hand. Felix merely laughed. I don’t know what you’re winnipeg personal trainer saying, my boy. Taking another sip.

Luc looked up at the ceiling and wondered how he had come to share a house with such a man. Felix - an old English drunk, who had somehow stayed here when all others had eventually left. Anyway, he was a decent pianist, winnipeg personal trainer able to press out an old tune, drunk or sober. Besides Luca, my dear, she’s not going anywhere for a while. Felix muttered. Well, as long as we can keep her pinned down, which is what some of your fellow colleagues would love to do. Luca gesticulated. Look, it wasn’t my fault they scared her.

He punched to standing and stalked out of the room, finding the confines of the room suddenly too close and tight. Luca bumped into a figure that had just creaked through the slightly open screen door. In the twilight of the evening, only the silhouette of his glasses perched on the elderly medecin identified him as Gerhardt Wegnter or Monsieur Le Docteur. He struggled in clutching an elderly blag satchel and absent-mindedly scratching his sun-freckled arm. Ah Luca, I was hoping I would see you. How is our patient? He sat his satchel down and looked inquiringly at his young comrade. Come in Gerhardt. Would you winnipeg personal trainer care for a drink? I was just...

A small one, Luca. Just got time for a quick one. Luca wandered back into the sitting room and grabbed the winnipeg personal trainer whisky and a small glass. Gerhardt followed him in. Felix was just promising to help. Weren’t you old man? Felix spoke only with a stifled humph and focused on an old copy of a crossword half-completed.
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