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Face to Face Re-Entry Plan - Fall 2020

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Safety precautions taken @ Grapevine High School

QR Codes @ Grapevine High School

QR codes will be utilized at every seating opportunity for students while at Grapevine High School. These codes will direct students to charts that aid in our ability to offer student choice in seating while providing consistent and accurate tracing records in the event that contact tracing is necessary. Students will complete these QR codes in the classrooms and lunchroom (SAC) throughout their time on campus.


Our GCISD policy regarding masks:

Schools are required to comply with Governor Abbott’s executive order regarding the wearing of masks. The order requires Texans living in counties with more than 20 coronavirus cases to wear a face-covering over the nose and mouth while in a business or other building open to the public, as well as outdoor public spaces, whenever social distancing is not possible. Masks must be worn to cover both nose and mouth.

Consequences of the choice to refuse to follow GCISD mask policy:

  1. The first occurrence will result in a verbal warning and the opportunity for the student to comply. If the student refuses to comply, parents will be contacted and he/she/ they will be sent home for the remainder of the day for remote learning. The administrator must contact the teachers and make them aware of the change of platform.

  2. The second occurrence will result in the student being opted into the remote learning platform for 5 days. The administrator must contact the teachers and make them aware of the change of platform.

  3. The third occurrence will result in the student opting out of in-person instruction for 10 days. The administrator must contact the teachers and make them aware of the change of platform.

  4. The fourth occurrence will result in the student opting out of in-person instruction for the remainder of the semester. Families, teachers, and counseling team notified

Drop Off / Student Parking


Parent drop off at GHS is in the parking lot of gym 1. Please enter the parking lot from Timberline. You may enter the student parking entrance or the entrance nearest the tennis courts. Please exit from the same area you entered. This will help reduce congestion. Please turn right when exiting the campus. This will also expedite your time on campus and reduce congestion.

ONLY staff and busses may enter GHS from Mustang Drive. We take this precaution to ensure that our students are safe when arriving at GHS via the bus.

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Student parking and senior parking spaces:

Parking permits and private senior parking spaces will go on sale after we return to in person instruction on September 8. Remember that students should park in spaces that are separated with white line dividers. The blue line parking spaces are for faculty only. Students can park in last year's private senior parking spaces until they go on sale later in September. Watch the Mustang Minute for details and updates.

Entering the Building

School Hours / Entrance Points / Door Access Cards

School Hours

Due to the need to minimize congregating, the building will open every day from 8:20 am - to 4:15 pm (extracurricular activities will continue to follow their current schedules). Students will not be allowed in the building prior to that time 8:20 am and must vacate each day by 4:15 pm. Students must have their masks on prior to entering the building and it must remain on throughout the school day.

Entrance Points/ Door Access Cards

Students will use their door access cards to enter the building. Students will enter the school through the main doors (near the flag poles) in the front of the building or through the main entrance of the TEC (across from the MAC). Students will be directed to sit in the SAC until the first bell rings for class at 8:35 am. Grab and go breakfast will be available for purchase and consumption at this time.

Lost Access Card

If a student does not have their access card they'll have to be processed through the newly constructed attendance office. There will be opportunities to replace lost student access cards (more information below).

Lost Student ID Badge or Door Access Card

If you need a replacement student ID badge or door access card, there will be a process that involves the student filling out a QR code requesting replacement of one or both card. Students will be issued a temporary ID badge. A charge of $5 (ID or Access only) or $10 (both) will be accessed to their account. Once the replacement cards are made, students will exchange the temporary ID for their new replacements.

Badges wearing is encouraged now but will be strictly enforced after September 29th (October 9th for virtual learners).

On Campus

Breakfast - 8:20 - 8:40 AM

Breakfast will be available every morning from 8:20 am - 8:40 am in the SAC. Students may also bring their breakfast to school with them and consume it in the SAC during this time. While seated behind plexiglass dividers eating breakfast or lunch, students are allowed to remove their masks. Note- masks must be put back on immediately after eating and before throwing away their trash.

Classroom Procedures (Follow Skyward Schedule)

Classroom Procedures

Students will follow their schedules located in Skyward. They will enter classrooms in a socially distanced manner and follow the direction of their teacher upon entry. Each student will receive a sanitizing wipe so that they may prepare their workstation prior to taking a seat. Students will continue to practice social distancing while entering and exiting the classroom and avoid congregating in the doorways and hallways during passing periods.

Instructional Practice

Teachers will be teaching to both, in-person students and remote students simultaneously. All students (regardless of learning modality) are expected to utilize or have access to their laptops, Canvas, and their teacher's WebEx, as teachers will continue to utilize these mediums in their daily instructions. Students are encouraged to bring fully charged laptops each day for this reason. Classes will follow the schedule as located in Skyward

Remote Teachers (Workplace Accommodation)

There will be a small number of teachers who will be teaching remotely for various reasons. If your student is an in-person learner and has a teacher on their schedule that us working remotely, they will still report to the teacher's classroom, as listed in Skyward. A substitute or assigned staff member will be in their classroom to monitor students, while the teacher of record delivers instruction virtually. These teachers will reach out to those classes this applies to.

Teacher Absent (No Sub)

In the event that a teacher is absent from school and could not secure a substitute, students will be directed to a supervised alternative learning location where they will be able to receive instruction or complete asynchronous work on campus.

Accommodations for Large Classes

*We offer 655 classes at GHS

*Only 12 classes have more than 19 students

As we prepared to welcome students in-person for the 2020-2021 school year, we looked at each classroom space to determine the maximum number of students that could be in one room while allowing for six-feet of social distancing. It was determined that anymore than 19 students in a classroom could result in the inability to ensure social distancing. While GCISD counselors have made every effort to limit class sizes, there are 12 classes that have more than 19 students.

Classes that cannot achieve appropriate social distancing will be conducted in the lecture hall. Where necessary, plastic student dividers will be added to the learning environment to increase the safety of our students and staff where social distancing can't be achieved.

Restroom Usage

Students will be provided a disposable, blue hallway pass from their teacher anytime they are leaving the classroom. No more than one student at a time will be allowed to leave the classroom to aid in reducing student interactions in confined spaces.

During Passing

During passing period students can access restrooms at their leisure. We're emphasizing that students maintain social distancing within the restrooms, wash their hands, and keep masks on at all times.


Students will be expected to stay to the right side of the hallways when traveling to and from class. The hallways are divided to facilitate this traffic flow, with signage to aid in reminding students of our directional patterns. We ask that students maintain social distancing as much as possible while in transit. Masks are expected to be worn at all times.

Lunch Procedures

Student Seating Choice

It will be crucial to follow contact trace procedures during lunches. Students will have choice in where they'll sit, with no more than 4 to a table. Each table is outfitted with a plexiglass divider. Tables will be numbered with a QR code for students to scan and complete at the start of each lunch. In the brief survey they each student will provide their name, grade, student ID, and lunch period. This procedure must be done daily at lunch so that we have an accurate account where each student sat in the event that trace logs are required. ***There will be no microwaves available for use.*** No food deliveries will be accepted.


While seated behind plexiglass dividers eating breakfast or lunch, students are allowed to remove their masks. Note- masks must be put back on immediately after eating and before throwing away their trash.

No Food Deliveries

Parents will not be allowed to visit students or bring lunches to campus for their student. GHS will not allow delivery of any food for students during this time. Thank you for your cooperation.


At the conclusion of the day, students will be dismissed to their mode of home transportation (walk, bike, bus, cars, parents, etc.). Students should exit the building as soon as possible, maintaining social distancing in the process. Masks are to be continued to be worn while waiting on their mode of transportation while on the premises. All students must exit the interior of the building by 4:15 pm each day.

Permission to Drive (In Lieu of Riding the Shuttle)

Students who shuttle from Grapevine High School to CHHS and vice versa that would like to drive their own vehicles must complete the form provided in the link below.
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Daily Screening / Illness Procedures

2020 Health Services - Masks, Hand washing, Social Distancing and You

Pre-Screen Questions Everyday

GCISD wants to remind all parents of the need to pre-screen your student for signs and symptoms associated with COVID-19 before bringing your student to school. The signs and symptoms to screen can be found on page 8 of the GCISD Fall 2020 Draft Guide. If your child demonstrates any of the signs or symptoms, they must stay home, and you need to report to the campus nurse the signs or symptoms your child is exhibiting.

In the event that your child has a fever, they must be kept home from school until they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication. Please do not give fever reducing medication and send your child to school. Additionally, please do not send your child to school if they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or are test-confirmed with COVID-19.

Contact Tracing and Close Contacts

When a GCISD student or staff member presents a test-confirmed positive COVID-19 case, not only does that individual have to isolate at home, the District and Tarrant County Public Health then complete contact tracing. Anyone determined to be a close contact, even if they have no symptoms, must quarantine for 14 days. The below graphic may help illustrate the case investigation and contact tracing that occurs once a test-confirmed positive case is reported.

If someone is found to be a close contact, they will receive written notice from GCISD similar to this template regarding instructions for self-quarantine and requirements that must be met prior to returning to school.

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COVID Symptoms / Routine Care

Symptoms @ School

Students exhibiting symptoms while on campus will be seen by the school nurses. The nurses will complete their assessment, do their due diligence, cooperate with the local health authorities, and communicate to the student's parents and school administration. If the nurse determines that the student must go home, they will notify his/her parent to come and pick them up within the hour. It is extremely important to have up to date contact information in Skyward, as well as your emergency pick up list. When parents arrive, they will be reunited with their child in the control vestibule and given requirements to return to school.

Routine Medicines/ Treatment

Our clinic will have two designated sides, one for assessing and treating symptoms and the other for routine medicines. The two types of students will be kept separate at all times in separate areas.

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Technology Resources - ClassLink

GCISD Technology Resources is committed to serving students and staff, especially during the District's remote learning instruction. Please keep in mind two very helpful resources:

ClassLink - GCISD's single sign-on portal for students and staff. ClassLink allows users to sign in once and have access to all of their accounts at the click of a button.

For assistance with lost or forgotten passwords, pleas contact - Lynn Stilwill or by phone at 817-251-5232

WebEx Tips for Home

Webex can use a lot of internet resources, so that means we need to look at what all is running on our home internet.

While attending a Webex class
  • Do not stream music with any device that is attached to your home wifi ( Alexa, google home, streaming radios, other laptops, etc.)
  • Turn of any video game systems that might be connected online (even if games paused)
  • Turn of any video streaming services that are running on your tv or other devices connected to your home network.
  • Also, try restarting your computer each day to help clear out any other process that might be running in the background.

*Following these tips should help improve your overall online class experience.

Student Help Desk

Help Desk - Students and staff can submit help requests to GCISD's Help Desk at any time. NOTE: If you are a parent needing help with your student’s device and your student does not know their login for Classlink, please call 817-251-5629. You will need to leave a message with your name, student's name, grade level, campus and the best phone number to reach you.
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Need a Counselor?

Need a Counselor?
  1. Email your counselor or student advocate (Mrs. Newlun) -or-

  2. Send them a request for an appointment through this link -or-

  3. Scan your counselor’s QR code posted in classrooms and in hallways -or-

  4. Join your counselor via WebEx during their virtual office hours.

Your counselor will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

For emergencies during school hours:

  • In Person learners - report directly to the counseling office and check in at the reception desk.

  • Remote learners - contact your school counselor, Mrs. Newlun at 817-251-5243, or Mrs. Stilwill at 817-251-5232.

  • Friends for Life Hotline - 817-469-8477


Students- Please join your grade level’s Canvas class below for important information and announcements from counseling.

Class of 2021 Canvas Classroom

Class of 2022 Canvas Classroom

Class of 2023 Canvas Classroom

Class of 2024 Canvas Classroom

Who is My Counselor?

Marnie Pape (A-Cr)

Shelly Ray (Cu-He)

Al Marks (Hi-Me)

LeeAnn Farris (Mi-Sch)

Katherine Partridge (Sci-Z)

Mary Parsley (Lead Counselor)

Mary Newlun (Student Advocate)

Geri Clayton (Registrar)

Salina Friend (Student Data)

Lynn Stilwill (Counseling Clerk)

Please visit the counseling newsletter at the link below for more details:




Leveling Down


Transcript / Parchment

Correspondence Courses

Letters of Recommendation



Go Center

College Information

Tutorials / Extended Day


Early Graduation

GPA / Ranking

Remote / In-Person


(if you can’t get the QR code to work, you may email your counselor)

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In-Person / Remote Learning Modality Change

Changing Your Instructional Model

Families have chosen in-person or remote learning for the 2020-2021 school year, and with in-person instruction beginning next week, the District has more information on how to change your student's instructional model.

Switching from In-Person to Remote Learning

Families are able to switch from in-person to remote learning at any point during the school year. In order to make this change, please contact the campus counselor.

Switching from Remote to In-Person Learning

Families that are wishing to change from remote to in-person learning may only do so at the end of a grading period. The process for changing to in-person learning requires parents to complete a Google form that will be shared by your child’s campus prior to the end of the nine-week grading period. A schedule of when this change can be made can be found here.

If you have any questions regarding the timing of when parents may change the instructional model selected, or the associated process, please contact your campus counselor.

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Alex Fingers- Principal