Titanic Survivor

Rosa Abbott Titanic Survivor

Passengers Personal Information

Mrs. Rosa Mary Abbott was born on Tuesday January 14,1873, and had two children and one was named Rossmore Edward Abbott and the other one was Eugene Joseph Abbott, and she lived in East Providence Rhode Island United States

The Ship

They said that " Not even God Him Self could sink it ", it was 882 feet long and the height of the boat was 104 feet tall, And Rosa Abbott was traveling in third class there cabin was a perfect size for someone who only sleeps and changes there it had four bunk beds and room for there clothes.

Disaster and Rescue

The Titanic hit a Icebreg on April 12,1912 Rosa was only 39 years old. At 11:40 p.m. at night Rosa and her two children Rossmore and Eugene and they decided that they were going to stay on the boat, then they had to jump and Rosa was the only one that was left her children died and she was rescued by the Carpathia then when they got to new york she had to seek medical atention.

Life After The Titanic

Rosa Abbott lived in East Providence Rhode Island ,Rosa then got a job as a book binder Rosa died Febuary 18,1946 in New York


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