Saving energy in our school

Solar energy

Ways to use Solar Energy - Cooper

Solar energy is a energy powered by the sun. There are multiple ways we can save energy in our school using the sun to save electricity. We can input solar panels to use the Suns energy, then we can take out some of the lights in our school. We can use solar cells to help produce the energy. Or we can put in Windows so the Suns light will come through the window to give us light.
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Pros and Cons of solar energy - Ethan


it’s a renewable energy

easy to install

Doesn't take a lot of space

Lowers electricity bill

Usually sunny in Texas



Doesn't work in a storm

Takes a lot of panels to make an impact

Conducts lightning

Usually breaks in the cold

Hard to repair

Cost of Solar energy and savings- Uma

We could raise money with multiple fundraisers with fun prizes

$108,825.78 electric bill of school

Solar panels can cost between $15,000 and $40,000

Solar panels can save $21,989 in the next 25 years

Solar panels cost about $19,500 total

Who will install the solar panels and windows - Alex

An engineer will be the one who installs the solar panels

The principal will have to be the one who is able to tell us if we are able to get the solar panels

The person to install the window will be an engineer

The person who is going to approve the windows will be the principal

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