The Water Cycle!

By: Ethan Lee & Trinity Ide

What is it?

The water cycle is an endless process in which water moves throughout the land and air. First off, all water begins in all bodies of water or comes from pore of plants. Then the suns radiation warms up the water and the molecules from the water and spreads out into a gas, this is also known as evaporation, this can also be done by plants opening up there pores for carbon dioxide and lose water to evaporation this is also know as transpiration . Secondly, the water cools down and turns back into little water droplets and forms a cloud, this is called condensation. Third of all, when the cloud gets to big it lets down all of those water droplets in many forms such as snow,rain, &hail also known as precipitation. Then it runs down which is called surface runoff, and the cycle starts over!
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