Protect your Ear !

How diffrent things can damage your hearing.

Protect your ears!

So I all think that when you think of you think of your ear being deaf, then you think SOUNDS can effect them, like loud sounds(EX: Concert,...) But there are more wayhs that your ears can be damaged.

Other ways that can damage your hearing.

So, some of the ways that your ear can be damged is by like car racing, fireworks, things that are sharp and flies in your ears it can maybe break your eardrums!. Here are some more planes that are taking off(especially if you work for the airport). Even a lawn mowers can effect your hearing. You can also damge your ears by turning on maximum sound on your music player.

How can we protect our ears?

So the next time you go to a car race, remember to were your ear muffs because they are extremly loud. What about your music player? Well, you can always listen to the music a little bit softer. If you go to a music concert then try to sit at the back of the concert. You can still listen to the music you don't have to be up close right? If you are with your lawn mowers, then you can always wear your earmuffs!

My Sources

This is a presentation i found online that helped me alot

Your Turn !

So, how are you going to protect your ears, after this? I hope you do know how to do it, because you can!