Spaulding Staff Newsletter

April 1, 2016

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Visit by Jan Gangsei

On Friday March 25, 2016, the Spaulding community welcomed Zero Day author Jan Gangsei (pictured above with student Alexis Shafer and her signed book by Jan) for a full day author visit. It was a huge success and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the flow of the day!! I kept waiting for Murphy’s Law to hit me over the head, but it never happened! The morning assembly was attended by approx 200 students and their teachers where Ms. Gangsei spoke about growing up in Barre, the creation of her novel, character development, the publishing process and the creation of the book cover. During Academic Advisory, a more intimate setting allowed for small group discussion on a variety of topics. In the afternoon, the English classes were able to hear her expand on her creative process and overcoming challenges. This special attention by the Library staff gave her visit a festive feel and she felt very honored to be back in her alma mater. As she stated: “Many of my colleagues at another Author event I attended in Austin, Texas were jealous that I had my own day at my high school. It isn’t everyday that an author can come home. This has been a great day!” Cheryl Cloutier created a Zero Day cake and Mrs. Carpenter and her Food Exploration class provided cookies, mints and other goodies as well as homemade ice tea and punch. Our students were so excited by her visit they purchased 21 novels, and we gave 25 away for free! Zero Day has a universal appeal and it was so gratifying to me to see the diversity of students who purchased her book or came and asked for one. This spoke volumes about the connections our students can make to a really good book! My goal is to increase access to a variety of events and activities for our students in order to advance their literacy skills. I would appreciate any and all feedback on the author event or any other ideas you may have about literacy and our school community.

-Christine Smith

World Wide I Matter You Matter - March 28, 2016

Monday, March 28, 2016 was an extra special day for students at SHS. Every student received an envelope with cards with wonderful notes from many staff. I have heard feedback from staff and students alike that this was an amazing surprise and many students were especially touched by the personal touch staff put into their notes. One student commented "I can't believe teachers took the time to write notes to everyone in the school". I want to thank all of those that helped to make it a special day for our students by writing cards and/or helping to organize the cards for delivery.