Internet Safety!

How To Keep Yourself Safe On The World Wide Web

Being Safe

There are many wonderful things you can do on the internet that are beneficial to you. Lots of knowledge and games are at your fingertips when you have access to the web. Always remember though, that such a powerful tool as the internet can also be used for bad, and it is up to you to be good, safe, and responsible.

Do Not Share Your Personal Information!

Be careful about what you post or share on the internet. Your personal information such as your full name, address, phone number, password, picture, or even your birthday can be used against you if obtained by the wrong person.

Do Not Talk To Strangers!

People on the internet are not always who they say they are. Let an adult know if a stranger has contacted you on the internet right away and be sure not to share any personal information about yourself to them.

Do Not Install Anything!

There are a lot of internet scams and viruses online, and if something seems to good to be true then most likely it is. Contact an adult before downloading anything off the internet.

Be Respectful!

Online harassment has grown 50% in just five years and continues to increase.

Treat people the way you would want to be treated, if someone online is bothering you, do not be afraid to tell an adult.

Playing and Staying Safe Online

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