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The Impact of Self Dumping Hopper on Material Handling Industry

Materials handling is concerned with the transport or movement, storage, protection, and control of products and materials throughout the processes of manufacturing, distribution, disposal, and warehousing. Materials handling itself is a process that relies on a range of semi-automated equipment like self dumping hoppers to ensure a smoother supply chain and execution of logistics. Self dumping hoppers are some of the most essential types of equipment in the materials handling industry.

A basic self dumping hopper with a 2,000 to 4,000 lbs capacity is already durable enough to handle light duty loads like plastics, paper, wood, aluminum cans, lightweight recycling materials, construction debris, and metal turnings. Ideally, this type of hopper must be made with 10 and 12 gauge carbon steel that is continuously welded inside to ensure superior strength. The best durable hoppers have support channels for added reinforcement on the body, and the base has an extruded hole for enhanced strength and tracking.

Materials handling that deals with heavier materials require a thicker and stronger body. This is why reputable self dumping hopper manufacturers use a 3/16” seven-gauge carbon steel with a heavy-duty box base that can handle up to 8,000 lbs of glass, rubber, construction materials, ash, coal, sawdust, stampings, sand, and metal scraps. A continuous stop bar and base to body chains offer enhanced reinforcement to the stops.

Self dumping hoppers that can carry up to 10,000 lbs of materials are designed for the most rugged and demanding jobs. These hoppers can increase safety in the workplace, especially when you need to handle hot ash, heavy construction materials, concrete, minerals, glass, castings, and forgings. Hence, using appropriate self dumping hoppers can increase your productivity and ensure the safety of your workers. Heavy-duty hoppers are made of 3/16” and 1/4” carbon steel, with continuously welded bodies, a strong box tube base, and double support channels at the bottom.

Using high-quality self dumping hoppers will enable materials handling industries to simplify resource allocation, process and flow management, production planning, and inventory control and management. The right product may improve customer service and after-sales support, too. Hence, it makes sense to invest in high-quality self dumping hoppers if your business is concerned with any form of materials handling. Some of the best manufacturers can customize self-dumping hoppers for your business, too. They do this using existing models that can be modified with special features that suit the requirements of your business.

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This article is written by Mike Genter, who is associated with Roura Material Handling. Roura Material Handling produces a large variety of self dumping hoppers including durable hoppers, rugged hoppers, ultimate hoppers, behemoth hoppers as well as custom and specialty dumping hoppers for both commercial and industrial use.