Diseases In The Middle Ages

By Alexis Martinez

The Black Plague

The black plague came to Europe from Asia in the middle of the 14th century killing at least one third of the population during the first epidemic. The suppurate boils, bleeding and hallucinations of the patients stroke horror into peoples hearts.
The plague was coming from transportation boats. There was rats on the boat and the rats had a disease and flees which the flees got into the the boxes they were transforming to Europe. Once they delivered there stuff to land that is when the flees and rats effected the people.

The Leprosy Disease

Leprosy caused wound formation and organ withering and it as a feared disease which affected especially poor people living in crowded conditions. The cause of the disease was not known and there was no cure.
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Here is a photo of what the Leprosy disease looked like^

The Cure Of Diseases

Medieval medicine was based on the antique doctrines about the cold, humid and warm nature. There was no bog development in medicine in the middle ages because autopsies which were crucial for the knowledge of amatory, were forbidden.
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