Childrens Fashion Designer

-Brianna Marsh-

Work Envirnment & What They Do

The nature of the job variese among the different types of fashion designers; most designers are employed by design and manufacturing firms and work regular hours, while some designers are freelance and work longer hours under more stressful conditions. because designers can be employed by major corporations, manufacturers, design firms, or themselves, it is impossible to pin down a "typical" working condition.

job outlook, salary, and requirements

As of 2012, the average salary is $62,860 and a 3% decrease outlook from 2012 to 2022.

To become a children's fashion designer you have to follow a 3 step process; you first must obtain an undergraduates degree, secondly you have to complete and internship, receiving work experience, and thirdly you have to study fashion merchandising to go on to completely a high degree in the field.