small people do big things

Hadley Denison period 4-5

Analysis of the development of theme

The setting, characters, and the conflict create the authors message because if there is not a conflict then everything in the story will be happy and not everything in real life is happy. Also the characters and setting affect the message because if they are in a good town then that will be very different if you live in the testaments! Another example is if freak was big and max was small that would change a lot! Because then freak could not of died and max could have died and that would change a lot if that happened in the book!

Refection and Application of theme

I agree with the theme. Because you don't have to be tall to accomplish things! One example is that freak accomplished quests! I think that the author developed the theme very well. Because even thought freak was small and max was big freak can accomplish just as much as max! The theme is relevant to our generation because everyone is a different size but that doesn't matter because even thought I may be shorter then some of my friends that doesn't mean that I can't accomplish things!


The main Idea of Freak the Mighty is, two friends that can do anything. Freak and Max are best friends that can do anything when they are together! One example is that Freak saved Max from his Dad killer cane and that would take a lot of guts to do that! That just proves and they can do anything! Freak and Max do lots of quests and go on adventures. They do this because they think that is is super fun. They do all there quests and adventures in there neighborhood or near there. They were friends for about a year before Freak died! And they will always be best friends!