Navigational Tools/Advancements

Amazing Ships and Navigational Tools

The improvement of tools and advancements was very important to the success of people. As the years went on, technology continued to improve. In the 1400's, a great improvement was invented. Rather than having many extremely heavy European ships, very light and quick ships were created. This meant it was much easier to travel to long- distance locations and move along the coast. Having that said, this was a great advancement in technology for people who needed to use ships often. Another use of technology that became very useful was the astrolabes. For sailors, this tool was excellent for navigation. They used these by looking through the astrolabes at either a star or the sun. What this did was it helped the navigators determine the angle and the angle then helped the sailors figure out what the latitude of their ship was as well as what time it was. These two advancements boosted up technology greatly.
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