The adventures of polo

Regis Fallen

An adventurous dog alone.
A dog with a few friends.
An adventurous dog with lots of friends now.


Get ready to take a unique and enchanting journey with Polo a playful dog, primed for adventure.


The story begins in Polos, house. but most of the story is in the ocean. The dog set sails on a boat to the ocean which we goes on a whale in the Antartica and with the cat. Meets a lot of animals on the way!



A dog named Polo wants to go on a adventure across the ocean. He meets a lot of animals and has a lot of fun he goes on a whale and in the Antarctica. He has a tree party at the end with all of the animals. he has a best friend in the story which is the cat.

Anywhere you go you can always make a friend.

My opinion on this book is that it is a great book and all kids would love it. it is a great book that has a great adventure. All ages would love this book. It was my favorite of all of the books that we read. I love the ending of this book, how they have a party with all of the animals he met on his way there. My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.

Read it!

Best book

This is the best picture book ever. I'm 13 and i read this and loved it.
Chance Lundgren
4th period
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Take 10 minutes out of your day and read it i promise you'll love it.