Cork Flooring

Cork Floors

Why cork is the best option for flooring?

Everyone would want to replace their home flooring at one or some point in their lifetime. If you are not happy with your current flooring in spite of how expensive and aesthetic, it is, you will feel reduced value and look of your home. If you are looking for a new flooring option, then look into cork flooring , the best and affordable option.

Cork flooring

Cork can found in all amazing properties and has used in different capacities for many years ago. It is a natural choice for flooring that taken from the skin of cork oak tree. As cork oak trees live around two hundred years old, cork is a good renewable resource that makes it a nice option for eco-friendly flooring.


Cork is the powerful flooring option that is less affected by impact and friction when compared to hardwood, tile or laminate flooring. It can get used for a variety of flooring needs. It is amazingly resists and resilient to pressure. For example, stand on a cork floor with high heels and you will see the floor make a dent and immediately spring back to a normal shape once you removed the pressure. Thus, this quality comes in handy when you place heavy furniture on cork floors.

Water resistance

Suberin, a natural substance contained in cork which makes the material impervious to water and other liquids and do not rot when exposed to liquids. Hence, cork recommended for kitchen and bathroom area.

Compatibility with other properties

You may have allergies or have a condition that demands a very well cleaned and neatened living environment. Cork can prevent insects such as ants and termites from entering the home and disturb you. Besides this, cork is a germ resistant, means no need to hide the floor using a carpet. Cork flooring does not absorb dust or allow molds or fungi to grow. Moreover, you can clean the floor easily without using any harsh chemicals, which make it the best option for people with allergy or illness.


One great thing with cork floors is that you can do it yourself over a weekend of time. Many companies also produce cork tiles with glue-less technology that enables you simply snap the tiles in place.


Cork is the best option for flooring if you are looking for something that is highly durable, resists water and stain as well as safe for the environment.