North American Natives

by : lauren capell

Anasazi ( ancestors of pueblo )

The Anasazi s constructed dams , ditches , and canals to trap rain from tops of mesa and channel to gardens on canyon floor . Some more details about Anasazi s is that there houses were made of adobe and stone , and were multi-storied , apartment like structures , and lived along walls of cliffs . They had a heart civilization in Chaco Canyon was pueblo bonito where there was a massive complex of more than 1000 people .

Adena ( collectively known as the Eastern Woodlands peoples )

Adena ( eastern woodlands people ) lived in Ohio valley region around 700 BC . The people also grew squash , sunflowers , gourds , and barley. They produced exquisite copper jewelry and fine pottery.

Hopewell ( also collectively known as the Eastern Woodlands people )

The Hopewell people arrived in Ohio Valley around 300 BC . They built mounds and some were even 40 ft. high and 100 ft. wide . Theses groups ( Adena and Hopewell ) were both known as " mount builders ".


Arrived in Mississippi valley by 800 AD . Had plants that used for many food and when added maize and beans had an increase in population . The increase in population caused the need for more land . The reason for more land is because more land resulted in numerous cities over , over 1000 people per cities .


All the Mississippians civilazation collapsed by the beggining of 1300s .


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