Help Wanted

Job for Nucleus Open

By Ronan Scocozza

March 6th, 2015 - B4/D4

Job Description

The nucleus boss of the cell and is a full time job. You will have to be able to control all eating and movement. You will be held accountable for every mistake made. If anything happens then you are most likely to know about it. You will stay inside your office like envelope. You will talk to people all around the cell.


To apply for this job you must be able to control others and work under pressure.You will also have to get and stay organized as well as get along with co workers and partner. To have the job you have a PHD in micromanaging. You must have good social skills as well as being smart.
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Compensation and Benefits

You will be protected from the edge of the cell by your many protective layers of membrane. You will have the job for 3 years before you get reevaluated. You get a 60 thousand yearly. You will not have to pay for business trips around the country. Your benefits will be full dental and health insurance.

Contact Information

Phone NUmber: 3-333-NUCLEUS

Email Adress:

Reqular Adress: 3 Nucleus Avenue, Cell 33333, Cellnited States of Cellula


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