By: Silas Elsberry

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1: Cyberbullying!

Chapter 2: Why are kid not going to school?

Chapter 3: The effects of bullying!

Chapter 4: how to deal with a bully in a conversation!


This book is going to be about bullying/cyber bullying hope you have fun and learn a lot. I’m going to be talking about cyber bullying and how to deal with one safely, Also why kids that are getting bullied aren't going to school,and the effects of bullying and also how to deal with a bully in a conversation. I hope you will this will help you if you are dealing with a bully hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1 Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a big problem and it needs to stop-- it has affected lots of people in many ways like hurting themselves and killing themselves. This is not ok and it will never will be, and if you get bullied stand up to your bully because what they say is not you.

What is cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is bullying but on electronics like phones and computers, you also can be cyber bullied on email and Facebook and stuff like that. If you get cyber bullied don't respond go get and adult and let them Handle it.

How to deal with bullies

First off if you are getting cyberbullied and the adult that you tell about someone who is cyber bullying you and they do nothing make sure to get an adult that will deal with this problem.

Chapter 2 Why kids are not going to school?

This chapter is about why kids don't go to school. It is not ok to not go to school but some kids are not going to school because of bullies and that is not ok, Because they can't get Education and then they can't live their lives; well that is why it is not ok that the bullies are forcing them to go back to their house instead of school.

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Why do thay not go to school?

The kids do not go to school because they don't want to get beat up or get embarrassed at school but it affects the Education of the kid that is getting bullied, and we need kids to be educated because if their not then then that will affect them in their later life.

Charter 3 The effects of bullying?

The effects of bullying, “I think the effects can be serious and cause death” and the way they did is usually suicide so if you get bullied don’t let them bring you down like I say they are lying, trust me.

The effects of bullying:

< suicide

< Can hurt your feelings

They don't do much but those two hurt a person a lot and can even kill a person but you can prevent this from happening to you.

Don't listen to bullies they are lying don't commit suicide they just want a piece of you so don't Listen to them just don't.

Just like I said your bully is lying to you don't listen don't take it to heart.

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Chapter 4 how to deal with a bully in a conversation.

This chapter is going to be about a play and talking to a bully. Talking to a bully can be hard but it can also be affected.

So we have are charters the bully is Bob and the person is joe let's get started on the play.

“Hey joe I heard you cried over your toy last night you are such a baby”.

This is not ok because the person is probably getting embarrassed in front of all his friends; this should never happen.


I hope you learned a lot about bullying today, I hope

you enjoyed, and stuff of different kinds of bullying.