Other nonmetals

By:Dwain Johnson

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Why are they togetther

Elements can generally be described as either metals or nonmetals. Metal elements are usually good conductors of both electricity and heat. The dividing line between metals and non-metals is not hard and fast, thus the distinction between "Post-transition metals" and "Metalloids" is represented differently on different versions of the Periodic Table. For example, in some tables, Group 12 is is categorized with the post-transition metals, and in others, aluminum and tin are included characterized as Metalloids or poor metals. In our version of the table, we have chosen the most commonly accepted demarcations between these elements.

What are non metals used for?

1] Oxygen is used for breathing.

2] Chlorine is used for purifying water.

3] Phosphorous is used in crackers.

4] Non - metals like nitrogen is used in fertilizers.

5] Graphite is used as a good conductor of electricity.

6] Pottassium is used in fertilizers.

7] Nitrogen is used by plants.

8] Graphite is used in making leads.

9] Carbon is used as a fuel.

10] Bromine is used in dyes and pesticides