Walt Disney

A great artist

Walt's History

Walt was famous for Walt was born in 1901 and he became a newspaper boy at the age nine so he had to wake up at 3:30 everyday with no breaks! Walt started school in 1907. Walt lived in Marceline in Chicago. Walt died at the age of 65 from smoking.

Disney Becomes Famous

being a talented artist, making Disney World and taught people nothing is impossible if you try your hardest! he also made many shows like, Walt made a show called silly symphonies 1929-1939, also in 1932 he made flowers and trees, also in 1940 Walt made Pinocchio and fantasia, also in 1948 Walt made seal island, again one of his most famous movies (my opinion) peter pan was released in 1953, and lastly he made Mary Poppins which mixed animations with actors.

Disney's Character

Walt was very artistic because he quit his own job just to make art walt also was someone who never gave up because he kept dreaming of making the name Disney famous around the world. He was also very creative because. First, he came up with all the amazing things in Disney World. Second, he must have had to work hard to make a story about a mouse who can talk and do many other things!

A Couple Last Thing's

But also through all of this you probably think Walt Disney was so lucky and he never had anything bad happen to him but actually in 1919 the company that paid Walt ran out of money! Think about how hard that would be!


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Walt Disney