Mrs. Harnly's Classes

News about our 6th grade Science classroom.

Our year began with a review of Lab Safety and The Scientific Method.

View a video below explaining lab safety. is also an interactive website designed to get kids to have fun with learning.

Students egerly engaged in an experiment using proper Lab Safety and following the steps of The Scientific Method.

In my classroom I use a wide selection of learning tools. This past week students have explored Symbaloo, Kahoot and Quizlet. I often use these sites. Symbaloo is a hub site used to store all my favorite sites. It is grouped by each nine weeks and can be used for recall and review. Quizlet is a fun way to interact with text to learn the language of Science using electronic flash cards, games, and test making mode and Kahoot is a fun way to pre-test their learning in a group setting. Understanding the language of Science is an integral part of their learning.

Some photos of our lab experiment.

Learning can be fun!

Teaching students through hands-on learning is an important step toward their acquisition and application of new skills.

Using Power School Canvas will give you insight into our classroom curriculum for each nine weeks. There you will find the Science Pacing Guide for each nine weeks. The first unit will be exploring matter. An in depth look will be taken at atoms and elements. Skills students acquire in 6th grade will be a platform for their middle school Science curriculum.

About the teacher...

I believe students learn best when they feel comfortable and confident in their classroom. Providing a caring, accepting, and compassionate classroom is an essential part of my teaching philosophy. I know I've done a good job when my students take command of their learning. My ultimate goal is to become obsolete to my students; teaching them so well they no longer need me.