PK 4.2 Newsletter

January 23, 2015


This week we reviewed our letters, numbers and had fun with some great nursery rhymes! Our children are loving the nursery rhymes and keep asking for more. We also visited the library on Wednesday, and it its going to be something we will be doing every Wednesday! They truly enjoyed the quiet, peaceful library. Going to the library sparked many questions. Apart from them being so interested about the authors, they noticed that the books had barcodes, and that they were labeled with letters and numbers. We went over the parts of the book. One of the books we enjoyed this week was Shubert's big voice, a book dedicated to children everywhere, may their voices always be heard, their ideas always be welcomed, and their love of life continue as they grow.

Next week we will begin a BOOK study unit, the importance of books, learning the different parts of the book, pages, and of course the content of books.

-Please make sure to apply sun block to your child at home, apart from being at the playground, they are also having P.E. outdoors at 1:00 and that time the sun is too HOT!

Literacy tips for Parents!

Teach your child songs that you sang growing up. (don’t worry if you cant carry a tune)

Make up silly rhymes and sayings.

Sing, march, dance and make up songs in the language you are most comfortable speaking

Books of the Week!


Count to 20! (counting song for kids)
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