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The Caravel outranks the Fluit and Galleon by 3 Stars

Customer Testimonial

"My ship was destroyed when I veered off course and ran into bad waters. I thought all hope was lost, I didn't think I could get back home. But I found a Good Sails in the village I was at and I saw the Caravel on their dock. They worked with me on the price and gave me an amazing ship that was on 'sail'. The Caravel has been holding up amazingly, it's great for me and my crew. I ended up bringing a nicer ship home than I left with.'s just...the speed off that ship was amazing when it got going. I've never been happier with my ship." -John Smith, Captain of the SSS Caravel

Come to a Good Sails Near You!

Good Sails are located in various towns and villages on the water. If you even think you need a ship...we can help you. Just come visit us and you'll be leaving with a big ship. I guarantee it.

Approved by Sailor and CEO Nicole Krause

Whole Store 'Sail'

Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 11pm

Good Sails

Everything in the store...and outside of the store in the water for that matter, are on 'sail' for one day only.