Jingly Jellyfish

By: Avery Marques


Can you imagine running into a jellyfish that is 10 feet tall? It is interesting to note that a jellyfish has a fascinating diet, an incredible habitat, and has a unique appearance.Jellyfish have beautiful colors and shapes but they can be very dangerous to humans and other organisms that might run into a jellyfish. There are also some amazing facts you did not know about these magnificent creatures. Jellyfish are truly amazing!


Jellyfish have so many different colors, shapes, and sizes. This organism has an extraordinary diet, captivating habitat, and a breathtaking appearance. I am so happy that jellyfish are not eaten by humans because it would leave me heart broken. I hope some day to meet one in the ocean.

Think Tank

For my think tank I created a quizzle which will test you on how well you know the jellyfish.And a word wall that will name some important things about these jellyfish.
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Do my quizzle


In my diorama I included a jellyfish as my main animal. Then I also included a crab, a clam, a seahorse, a sea turtle, some coral, an octopus, and a clown fish. With a beatiful blue background.
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Go Fish

As I was designing my fish tank I came across five extraordinary fish and some amazing decoration. Our five fish were comet goldfish, blue crowntail betta, red vetail betta, lemon peel angel fish, and a blue tang fish. My group also picked a theme called finding nemo. We also chose some really cool decorations such as, a nemo and dory statchue a coral ornament, rainbow gravel, a castle, and a coral background. We also spent $209.95 and had $40.05 left over. I think if my fish tank were real it would be awesome!


Jellyfish: April 24, 2016

Huge jellyfish

This jellyfish is the biggest jellyfish ever recorded with a hight of 7 feet.
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