Climate Change

And How It Effects Emoereor Penguins

Climate Change

Climate change has been constantly present in throughout Earths existence, however due to human interference this effect is increasing in speed rapidly. Climate change is caused by various greenhouse gases( Increasing or decreasing changes the overall temperature of the planet respectively. The temperature then effects various other things upon the planet, like precipitation. The main greenhouse gases are methane and carbon-dioxide. Humans are releasing huge amounts of these gases into the atmosphere. Over 110 million tonnes of methane are realesed into the atmosphere only from fossil fuels(

Results of Climate Change

The results of climate change are immense. Three results of climate change may be an increase of tropical storms, increased drought, more wildfires, and an increase on the overall surface temperature of the planet( Normally this would be an extremely slow process. This would give ample time for species to adapt to their changing surroundings. Human interference is adulterating climate change from an overall harmless naturally occurring event, into a dire threat to all species on this planet.

Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins are the largest species of penguins around the globe. This species is only found upon Earths southern icecap, also known as Antartica. These birds are completely devoid of flight and rely completely on their swimming to survive in the frigid wastes of Antartica.