By:Gary Soto


Jose is a young boy. But he has a good work ethic. He gets his good work ethic from his father. He is a people pleaser, always tring his best, and doing the right thing. You might thing he is rich but he is not.His family is poor . Arnie Jose's cousin on the other hand is rich he gets new sneakers.


The conflict of the story is when Jose took a job that Arine got him. Arine want to split the money fifty-fifty but Jose said that is not fair. Jose said "listen eighty-twenty thats finally." So Arine agreed. but Arine wasn't going to work he was going to sit ther and just watch and get most the money that they get for cleaning peoples houses and stuff. The job that Arine got him was cleaning Mr. Clemen's pool.

Events in the story

"You punk!" Jose yelled. "Go inside and call 911."


I think this story is really good. It has a lot of detail in it like when Arine runs away when Mr. Clemens feel into the pool but, Jose stays to help and waited for the firetruck to come . that is why i like this story.