It's More Than "Charlie Bit My Finger!"

YouTube as a Classroom Tool

  • Subscribe to YouTube Channels related to your content.
  • Create Playlists related to one unit of study.
  • Record videos for class activities or Record your Lessons.
  • Design photo slide shows with music.
  • Hangout in Real Time with another class.
  • Edit all your recorded videos to look like a pro!

Make a video collection with Playlists!

1. Watch the video below for an explanation of Playlists.

2. Find a video on Youtube.

3. Create a Playlist by clicking "Add To" under the video.

4. Choose "New Playlist," title the list, and this video will be added.

5. Find another video on this topic and add to this list.

6. On the left side, click "My Playlists." Find the new playlist and click on the title of the playlist.

7. Find the Play All, Share, and Edit buttons above the list.

8. You will share the URL Address for this playlist in the eCourse Assessment.

YouTube 101: Creating Playlists