City of Ember Book VS Movie

By: Jaden Novak


  • Doon likes bugs

  • Lina likes art

  • Lina and Doon escape during "The Singing" with Poppy

  • They hike up a path

  • They travel on the river

  • Find a door to the pipe works

  • Never told The City of Ember their plan


  • In the book, they didn't have headlights/ flashlights.
  • In the book, Lina gets in trouble for being in the roof.
  • In the movie, there's a man-eating animal in the pipe works that eats the mayor.
  • In the movie, Lina and Doon's parents were trying to escape Ember together.
  • In the movie, the lockers are boats.
  • In the movie, they come to the new world in the dark.
  • In the movie, the rock is thrown to Doon's dad.