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In this article you are going to learn about Connecticut. You will learn about connecticut's state bird,their religion,the people and the cites. I hope you learn


Connecticut’s state bird

Connecticut’s state bird is the robin. The robin is also the state bird for Michigan and Wisconsin. Robins are a true thrush and one of america's favorite songbirds. The robin is a popular state bird because it can almost live anywhere.


In this section will you learn about the religion in Connecticut. Since world war one the roman catholics have been the most popular religion in the state. In connecticut there are lots of religions not just one. Lots of religions of people come together to make up connecticut. They were very serious about their religion.


In this paragraph you will learn about the people in Connecticut. Irish, French, Canadian, Italian, Polish and European all live in connecticut. Connecticut’s state hero is Nathan Hale. He is the hero because he offered to spy on the british. He was hanged without a trial. His last words were “I only regret that I have but one life to lose of my country's.”

Cities in connecticut

In this section you will learn all about the cities in Connecticut. Some cities in connecticut are Ansonia,Bristol,Bridgeport,Danbury,Derby,Groton and lots of other cities.Connecticut's capital is Hartford. The 2014 population is 3,596,677. There governor is Dan Malloy.


In this article you learned Connecticut's state bird,the religion,there people and the cities in connecticut. I hope you learned a lot.

vocabulary #1: Religion

A type of church you go to and your beliefs.

Vocabulary #2 : Thrush

A small bird.

Fun Fact # 1

Did you know that connecticut is also called the nutmeg state?

Fun Fact # 2

The first typewriter was made in connecticut.

Fun Fact # 3

  • George W Bush was the first president and the only president born in connecticut.