The Green Revolution

Information about the Green Revolution (Pros/Cons)

Pros and Cons of the Green Revolution

  • Helps nations that are facing starvation and poverty
  • Farming helps build the industry
  • Grows crops on a massive scale
  • Use of technology helps boost the economy
  • Increase in crop production
  • Can help create more jobs
  • Help recover from loans and debt that the nation owes
  • With advance in technology and economy, it can help a nation become more developed
  • Can help politics and government

  • Malnutrition and unbalanced diet
  • Because of pesticides, there are more chances of getting cancer and other harmful diseases
  • Pollution in the air and water ways
  • Human poisonings
  • Killings of beneficial insects
  • Not all regions of a nation experience the same growth as in others
  • Land quality goes down
  • Loss in biodiversity because of the stress of using pesticides
  • Loss of old seeds, only new domesticated seeds

If the Green revolution goes well, development in the nation will occur

India has had huge success after the Green revolution, they went from starving to increase of food production

Green revolution brings positives to economic, political, and sociologic factors


Because of crops that were more high maintenance, more jobs were created and industrial growth contributed to the country's GDP.

Dams that held monsoon water was used for hydroelectric power which boosted quality of living, industrial growth, and created more jobs.

For example India paid back all loans from the World Bank which helped India increase their worthiness to other lending agencies.


Created jobs for agricultural jobs and industrial jobs.

Creation of factories.

Creation of hydroelectric power and power stations in India.


Transformed from starving nation to an exporter of food.

Third World nations started to admire India because of their success with the Green revolution.

In India the Green revolution helped Mrs. Gandhi and her party, the Indian National Congress become powerful.