P & R Adventures!

Join the most exquisite adventure to South Africa.

Join P & R Adventures on a educational trip to Blyde River Canyon!

P & R presents a fun filled trip of hiking, horse riding, white water rafting,hot-air ballooning, fly-fishing, biking, tours and boat trips on the Blyde Dam.

Why you should go on a trip to the beautiful Blyde Canyon.

If you wish to study ecology, experience South Africa's many different biomes, and learn the ecological succession you should join P & R's adventure to Blyde River Canyon. Observe symbiosis up close and have fun learning and discovering natures beauty.

How you get there!

To get to Blyde river canyon you first have to drive to the DFW airport. You board flight aboard flight 8843 that costs $1253.00. You fly on the plane to the Kruge Mpumalanga airport. Once you landed and are ready to explore you can walk trails that go up the mountain or go to the nature preserves.

Activities provided at Blyde River Canyon

The Bourkes Luck Potholes are educational and a free view for everyone. You can observe scenic rocks carved by nature over centuries of years.

For $33.00 you can go river rafting on the Byde River Canyon Experience the freshwater splashing around your boat and cool air on your face.

If you are looking for a challenge you should join a the hippo find and hike. Grab some good hiking shoes and head out on the 18 kilometers trail to seek out some hippo's this activity is pricey at a good $200-$150 you could see and be up close and personal to one of natures biggest creatures.

Native plants

South Africa's most beautiful plants are located at Blyde River Canyon such as leucadendron, sessione, red jem, safari gold strike, and jubilee. Picture shown is a jubilee.

Warnings and precautions

As much fun as this trip is you need to know the safety tips and dangers of it also. Hippos are exceptionally cute but unfortunately you can't pet them! They do have teeth! You must stay with your tour guide at all times South Africa's animals can be extremely dangerous! Most of all important you must have fun!