1220 Newsletter

VW 5th Grade

29 Reasons to be Thankful

I am so thankful this year to have a class full of enthusiastic, energetic, and friendly children. Every day we work very hard, and there is always a lot to do. Getting to work with this class makes each day fun and exciting. I am thankful for what you are doing at home to support and encourage your child. Whatever you are doing is working, so I thank you.

This next stretch of time is a difficult trimester. Lots of activities and holidays are coming up that distract students. Please encourage them to continue to make school their first priority before they have their fun. I thank you in advance.

Thanks again for your great kids. I look forward to some more fun.


Today, your child will bring home their first trimester report card. Be sure to praise your child's hard work so far. Encourage him or her to continue to put their best effort into the next trimester. It can be an especially hard trimester due to many vacation breaks and holidays.

Independent reading continues to be an important daily practice. Ask your child if he/she achieved their accelerated reader goals. Your fifth grader should be reading 30 minutes per night to help practice reading independently and to help achieve their AR goal. Having access to books is an important part of this homework. Your child can find great books in our classroom library, for free at the public library, and at the Verdugo Woodlands library.

Another great resource for reading books is the Scholastic book orders. However, I will not be sending out Scholastic book orders this month. Plan to buy some books at our Barnes & Noble Bookfair in December.

Important Dates

November 13 Minimum Day

November 23-27 No School, Thanksgiving Vacation

December 3 Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Curriculum Update

Language Arts: We will be practicing finding theme in another short story. We just finished another narrative this week. After getting help editing the last story, students will be responsible for editing their own story this time.

We had a spelling test two weeks ago. We are having our next unit test in Worldy Wise tomorrow. Be aware that the tests in Wordly Wise incorporate the previous lessons words and become increasingly more difficult as the year progresses.

Math: We are continuing to work on Unit 2 concepts, including multiplying and dividing whole numbers and fractions.

Social Studies: The class is studying about the explorers. Students are working on a history project. It is always a good idea to ask your child to show you their current Social Studies notes. Then ask them to explain what the notes tell them about the subject. It's a great way to review.

Science: The class is now studying about human body systems, specifically, respiratory systems. Ask about science notes, too.

Grammar/Vocab/Tech: After completing our technology integration using the investigation of Latin root words, we will continue to work on comma usage in grammar.

Halloween 2015

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Our Class 2015

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Typing Club-This letter will also be sent in the Thursday folder with passwords.

Dear Parents,

Verdugo Woodlands has set up a keyboarding program that will assist each student in mastering his or her keyboarding skills. Students are strongly encouraged to spend time on this program at home. The portal to access this program is as follows:


Students will then be prompted to enter their username and password:

username: their 6 digit ID number (as shown on their ID card)

password: student's first name and last name initial (for example: "Michael Smith" would enter michaels for the password)

note: no spaces or capitalized letters. Also, please use full name instead of the student's nickname (example: use "Michael" instead of "Mike")

Students have been using this program at school and should be familiar with their own username and password. Please encourage your student to use proper technique and keep their fingers placed in the proper position. (We refer to a technique called "home base," if you would like to remind them).

Thank you,

Verdugo Woodlands Teachers & Staff