Points of Pride

August 11, 2019

Instructional Focus:

One of the toughest things about teaching, but often the most critical is student engagement. If the students are not with you, there is NO WAY they are going to learn.

Wendy Peterson often states that "if she were queen of the world, the first thing she would expect from teachers is to develop a system for random calling." I agree with this 100%! Whether it's using Popsicle sticks or index cards (and put cards/sticks back in the pile), if we are only calling on students with hands raised, the other students are not engaged. This accountability will increase student engagement and require all students to think, which should always be the goal.

At Settler's Point, we need to move towards raising our hands to ask a question, not answer one.


Upcoming Events:

  • 8/13: Leadership Team @ 7:15; Preschool and Kinder. Curriculum Night @ 5:00; ALP and 2nd grade Curriculum Night @ 6:00; 4th grade @ 7:00; Dad's Club Meeting @ 7:00 (Sushi Brokers)
  • 8/14: 1:55 Release (Review new evaluation procedures/criteria in the library); 6th grade to Science Camp
  • 8/15: PTSO Meeting @ 3:15 in the library; 1st grade Curriculum Night @ 5:00; 3rd grade Curriculum Night @ 6:00; 5th grade and COPE @ 7:00
  • 8/16: Faculty Meeting (certified staff) @ 7:15; 6th grade returns from Science Camp
  • 8/19: New to SPE Meeting (for teachers new to Settler's) @ 3:10-3:40
  • 8/20: School Council @ 3:30
  • 8/21: 1:55 Release-PLC
  • 8/23: Intermediate MTSS Day (see below for more details); Chair Massages from 9:00-4:00-Maria will have a sign up sheet
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