Hammurabi's Code is Just!

After close examination, Hammurabi's Code is found just!

Hammurabi's Code was created long ago, but is still a controversial topic today. The question? Is it Just?

Of course! The laws today were meant for the same purpose-to protect the people! So why is Hammurabi's Code considered too harsh? It protects the weak by saving children from abandonment, helping diseased humans get the help they need, and just helps people.

The reason that people find Hammurabi's code injust is because of the harsh punishment,

but Hammurabi's philosophy "An eye for an eye" makes sense. Characters in stories are always saying "It isn't right" or "They don't deserve it", but what if the person does? These popular philosophies are what makes the code seem injust, even when the crimes are so horrible that they are met with execution. If the perpetrators live, they will continue committing crimes until they die, and we wouldn't want that, right?

Hammurabi's code protects:

See? Hammurabi's Code Helps Lots of People!

That's just scratching the surface!

Hammurabi gives people reasons to help. Rewards are given to people who help the cause of Babylonia. But punishment is given to people who disobey and harm others, so everyone has a reason to help others.

People may say that the code is unfair when dealing with slaves, but that isn't the case!

Harming slaves has a lesser punishment than harming free people, and this, in my opinion, shows the people that they don't want to be a slave. This will result in a decline of people affected by poverty, and overall help keep the peace.
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Then make up your mind: is Hammurabi's code just?