The Audition Game Plan

Using Holdon Log & Performer Track Online to keep ORGANIZED!

Holdon Log & Performer Track

The Holdon Log is the only all-in-one audition organizer. Track your Audition Information, Contacts, Follow-Ups, Callbacks, Expenses & Mileage, Sides, Headshots/Resume and More!

With PerformerTrack, easily log and track everything you do as a Performer and keep tabs on your career stats; now you'll know exactly what works and what doesn't for you.

The Audition Game Plan

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 12:30-2pm

3700 Barham Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

Come say HELLO to us at the Showbiz Expo... Then join us in the Malibu Room for an important and informative presentation!

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What is in store?

Meet Brian Vermiere and Kristina Hughes, Founders of Holdon Log/ Performers Track as they speak about the business and give you important info that will:

  • Boost your child's callback potential by having step-by- step strategy
  • Learn what NOT to do first before prepping for an audition
  • Understand the one thing to do immediately after every audition
  • Gain insight on hoe to leverage your child's career info to attract representation
  • Easily manage income, expenses & Coogan Accounts

Holdon Log / Performer Track

Founders: Brian Vermiere & Kristina Hughes