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Utopian Society Rules

1) All people must be treated equally

2) Commit no crimes

3) All residents must have a good education and graduate high school

4) Must be out of high school or married to have a child

5) All families will own one house under one persons name

6) Everyone will commit some of their time to helping the community and keeping the area clean

7) No work on Sundays (unless you are absolutely needed)

8) Monday-Satuarday, all people must have jobs unless you are a stay-at-home mom

9) No graffiti allowed anywhere on the town

10) Must attend any local town meetings unless excused from the task

Cast of 1984

Blog Post: Ideals of Freedom

Freedom is very important to the citizens of a country. Without some of the freedoms that we who live in the U.S. have, things would not be the same. As citizens in the United States of America, we have many freedoms. Some of those freedoms include freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to live or travel, freedom to marry and have a family, etc. Out of all of out freedoms, the ones I enjoy the most are freedom of speech, freedom to marry and have a family, and freedom of press. Freedom of speech is important because if we were not allowed to speak our minds then we would live in a place where someone else would make all decisions, and we would not have a say. The freedom to marry who you want and have a family is also one that i enjoy. I feel like the person who you marry should be someone you love and get along with. If someone had to choose someone for you, you would not know if you have anything in common with them, you could be total opposites, and not get along. Also, the ability of having the decision to have a child or not is important. You want to be able to have a child when you are ready and not have someone tell you went to or not. The freedom of press is that you can express your opinions or ideas in writing. Writing is a very important thing that most people enjoy doing and some writings often involve someones opinion on something. Without the freedom of press, we would not be able to express what we feel in a form of writing. In a country or civilization without balanced freedom amongst the citizens, I think it would be unfair and the citizens will rebel against the government because they are not getting to speak their minds.

Comic Strip

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Chapter ending to page 116

Winston spotted the women with the long brown hair among the crowd of people. She was so close yet so far away from him. He couldn't help but think about what she was thinking about him or if she was think anything at all. He was also worried about getting caught. What would happen? He pushed the thoughts aside and started to walk towards the girl. His palms were sweating and he could hear his heart beating in his chest. He stopped walking when he realized that they were standing side by side. He stayed silent and waited for her to speak became he did not know what to say. How could you talk to someone who you have barley met? Out of the corner of his eye he could see her brown hair covering her pale looking face and her blue overalls just like his. As he was looking ahead, he heard her soft voice starting to speak.

"Are you listening"


"Okay listen, we do not have much time. I know a place where we can meet but you will need to remember all the details I tell you"

The girl started listing off directions and I jotted them down quickly in my head. I remember every road and every turn.

"Now if you don't need anything, get away from me as quick as you can"

Winston was about to walk away but not until a group a men bumped into him which then caused him to fall on top of the girl. The two scrambled to get up. Winston offered his hand to the girl so she could get up. When their hands met, Winston's heart started to beat faster. This was the first time that their eyes met. Her beautiful brown eyes stared into to his for just a second, but it felt like a lifetime. Not wanting to get caught, they quickly departed from each other and all Winston could think about was how he couldn't wait to see her again.