Greek Gala 2015

Made by Bri, Lexi, Ashley, and Tia


Zucchini Feta Balls

[Shredded zucchini wrapped around crumbles of feta]

Chopped Salad

[Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and carrots topped with Italian or ranch dressing]

Skordalia with Pita Chips

[Greek mashed potato and garlic dip with Pita Chips]

Greek Yogurt Parfait

[Vanilla Greek Yogurt with strawberries and blueberries topped with granola]

Green Beans

[Fried green beans with butter, salt, and garlic]

Beef/Chicken Gyros with Pita Bread

[Beef or chicken in pita bread with sour cream, feta cheese, onions, and diced tomatoes]

Spinach Pastries

[Fluff, crunchy dough wrapped around spinach and cheese]

Meat Kabobs

[Chicken/Beef on wooden skewers]


Lemon Infusion



[Bottled Water]

Greek Dream

[Seven-Up, Strawberries, Ice]


[Honey cookies with walnuts]