the hunger games

fred cason @hedidit_

breif summary

Their are twelve outer districts and their is a capital .The capital is like the rich and the outer districts are the poore and the book starts out on the day of the reaping were a person will have to go and fight at the capital for their district and they might die in the process but a girl named katniss everdean takes the challenge i place of her younger sister prim

list of characters

  1. Katniss
  2. Prim
  3. Gale
  4. Mom
  5. Dad died in trajic accident
  6. Haymitch (victor)

character analysis for katniss

trait:1 couragous -she takes the place of her sister prim to go an fight

trait:2 determined -she does everything she can to survive and to get back to her family

quote from or about character: "you look beautiful",says prim in a hush voice "and nothing like my self "i say. i hug her ,cause i know her next few hours will be terrible for her .


do what u have to do to survive and protect the ones u care about

important event

Katniss and a little girl come together to survive even though the rules say they must kill each other but the girl still dies and katniss is devistated


I commend this book to people that like to think about what the future of the goverment will be like and how it will effect the people and how people will be treated as a whole
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Katniss everdean

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