INF112 Seminar Three

What's up this seminar?

In this seminar.....

You will be......

  • creating the format for a research paper
  • inserting footnotes in a research paper
  • creating citations and a bibliography in a research paper
  • using read Mode and PDF reflow
  • formatting a multiple-column newsletter
  • using special character and paragraph formatting
  • creating mailing labels using mail merge

Discussion Forum

Be sure to post your weekly discussion question responses in the Seminar Three Discussion Forum by Saturday. Also, participate at least five different days. Remember that your posts must be quality posts. Responses such as "I agree" or "I can relate" will not be accepted unless you have a complete follow-up response with quality details, examples, research, opinions, real world experiences, etc. to back up why you might agree or disagree with something.

Wrap Up

Be sure that you have all of your assignments submitted by the due days. Check your assignment summary so you don't miss out on any points!

Post, in the Seminar Three Forum, the final Word document that you created throughout the course . This continued mini-project counts for participation on the day you post it and respond to one other classmate.