Your Music Choice

By: Vannessa Hotchkiss

Favorite Music Artist

53.3% of people choose Taylor Swift.

26.7% of people choose Tyler, The Creator.

13.3% of people choose MGK.

6.7% of people choose Three Days Grace.

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Favorite Music Types

6 people choose Pop and 3 people choose Rap, Country, and Metal.

Liking Music

3 people rate their love for music, on a scale of one to ten, a nine and 12 rate it a ten.
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Relaxing Music

11 people get relaxed by music, while 4 people say music sometimes relaxes them.

Music Downloading

8 people agree that music should be free to download. 1 person says no, and 6 people says it depends.

Reason for Listening to Music

6 people say their reason for listening to music is because it's fun to listen to. 5 people say it's just out of pure enjoyment while 3 people say it relaxes them.


10 people have gone to concert and 6 people have not.

13 people said they would go again to a concert, while 2 people said no.

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Music Artist Live

While 6 people want to see a rap concert, 3 would want to see metal or rock, 2 would see pop, and 4 would see a something other.

Music Group

13 people said they would begin join a music group or become a solo artist, while 3 people say no they wouldn't.