How Does Poetry Change Lives

By Bryant Yu

Why poetry is important

poetry is important because it has started literature and music. Many of the surviving poems from the ancient world can tell us what life was like back then, since these poems include everyday activities, historical accounts,love songs and fiction from the ancient world. Before writing memory aid was invented people thought the rhythmic and repetitious form was a easy way remember and retell a story. Thus many ancient works from the Vedas to the Odyssey have been composed to a poetic form for aid memorization and oral transmission in prehistoric and ancient society. Poetry is of the earliest records of literate culture, with poetic fragments found on monoliths, rune-stones, and stelae. Ancient thinkers sought to determined what makes poetry good or bad, resulting in the study of poetics. Some ancient society such as the Chinese develop canons of poetic that has ritual as well as aesthitic importance. Most recently, thinker stuggle to find a definition that could encompass formal differences as great as those between Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales and Matsuo Basho's Oku no hosoichi as well as differences in context that span from the religious poetry of the Tanakah to love petry to rap.

Fun Poetry Facts

  1. One of the most popular forms of writing short poems is the haiku. Originating from Japan, the haiku has only seventeen syllables. There are three lines containing five, seven, and again five syllables.
  2. Mahabharata is the longest poem in the world. It is an Indian epic poem which has around 1.8 million words and is named Mahabharata.
  3. Poetry is a way to make a profit. I know it sounds bad and hypocritical, but yes, you can make money of off poetry. As long as you have the right poems for the target demographic, by publishing a book of poetry and making posts you can earn a profit. Whatever you do, do not forget how important is to write poems about the one you love and how pure your writing needs to be

How Poetry Changes Lives

Poetry can change you by the way you see it. you can be inspired to do certain things from one poem. Poetry plays a big part in the world. Without it we would not have any music today. Also poetry can change emotions. You can be happy,sad,etc. Poetry can make one person turn into another.

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