Eli waybright

Animals and plants

There are many different animals that live in grass lands like the ostrich along with the Hawk Aardvarks Cheetahs Wolves Deer Antelope African Elephants Zebras Lions Giraffes Horses Monarch

Butterflies Grasshoppers Snakes Mice Buffalo Coyotes Bobcats Rhinoceros Leopard Tigers Rabbits Hares Gophers Prairie dogs. Most of these flowers grow wildly like indigos, clovers, sunflowers, goldenrods there are also many plants such as buffalo grass, ryegrass, foxtail, wild oats, and purple needlegrass.

Weather and land

The grass land have lots of hills rivers and plains. Some abiotic factors in a grassland would

be air, water, dirt, dead trees, climate, temperature, and sunlight.the weather in the grass

Lands is as low as -40 and highest 70.


Most grasslands only see an average rainfall of around 500 to 800 mm per year, such as that of the Great Plains and Mixed-Grass Prairies of the USA and Canada, respectively.Grassland are located in North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.Grasslands take up the majority of the land in South America, Africa, and Australia.

Ecological concerns or issues

Mostly just global warming and tornadoes.when you use machines or tractors they will push down the rich soil and make it dry.


There may be no mountains but there are many lakes and rivers.yes there are mew but there are canyons in the grasslands.