Save The Animals

Animal testing is cruel and it needs to stop

The Cruelness

30 million of animals every year in the U.S labs are burned, crippled, poisoned and abused. More than 90% of animals are studied in the U.S and many countries have banned animal testing. However a lot of animal experiments are not accurate. Humane testing is more accurate for research and its cheaper in addition were not killing innocent animals. In the end with many tests animals are left blind, scarring, and the most common thing is death.


Therefore animal testing should be banned and eliminated because their are better ways to test curing diseases and beauty. Lastly the cause of pain and suffering that animals deal with.

Other ways of testing?

Even though animals are very genetically similar to humans doesn’t mean testing on the animals give them all the answers. Research has stated that some of the testing is not even relevant to human health,(Day,67). Many animal testing is on curing diseases and testing on beauty supplies. Animal testing gets lots of media attention of the curing diseases. However research also states that animal testing is not accurate but computer models would be better to test with,(Mcghee, 44). The computer models are more precise at information, its more reliable, its less money and lastly were not killing innocent animals, (Mcghee,56). Many beauty companies are using animal testing for safe of human use. Testing for beauty is such as skins sensatvity, eye correlation, oral toxicity, and many more,( save the animals). Many beauty companies are animal l free but lots of companies still do so such as Bobbi Brown, Mary Kay, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Revlon, Mac, Lorea’l and many more to name. Better ways of testing animals on beauty is technology with are high computer models they reduce amounts the money with accurate information. If the United states finally bans this and uses different ways the animals will have their rights.

Lush Fighting Animal Testing: Live Demonstration at Regents Street

Rebuttal the pain and suffering

Many people are spectacle about animal testing because they think the animals are being test for safety of the humans. Also they say that animals are being taken cared of while doing testing and that it gives no harm. This being stated animals have the same pain reactions as humans and each day in laborites animals suffer from horrible pain. The animal welfare act is governed by us law and the act is letting animals being poisoned, shocked, burned, isolated.starved,addicted to drugs, and brain damaged,(Mcghee , 45). Animals are being tested for cures for new dieases and beauty products but the animals don’t need that. Their are better ways of testing animals and new solutions and we should use them. Many medical research state that animals dont need to be tested. Up to 95% of medical schools dont need to test animals for anything,(Day, 23). Every year the U.S gets billions of dollars for research on animals werre we can be using the money on useful things. We should give the respect to the animals that they deserve.

This needs to stop!!


In conclusion animal testing should be eliminated and banned for the pain and suffering and their are better ways of testing diseases and beauty products.To save the innocent animals is up to humans now. The animals don’t talk they don’t have a say thats why its important for us to help. If the United States bans animal testing animals will not be killed and taken cared of and the world will be in a better place.

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