Virus Gone Viral

By Jessica Cummings and Payton Fisher


- DNA or RNA surrounded by a protein coat (capsid)

- Some have lipid membrane surrounding the capsid (envelope)

What Do They Do?

- They use cells to make viruses

- Cause disease

- Evolve, change over time


- Very small compared to bacteria and animal cells, small enough that they can only be seen under a special microscope


- Insert DNA or RNA into host cell that reproduces for them.

They Aren't Cells!

- They are not cells because they have no metabolism, cannot reproduce on their own, they cannot move, don't respirate, they don't eat, and have no cellular structures.

Are YOU Chicken??

Scientific Name

- Varicella Zoster Virus

Disease Name

- Chicken Pox


- itchy rash on torso and neck

- red bumps

- fluid filled blisters

How Does It Spread?

- Air-spread, through coughing or sneezing or breathing on someone else.

- Rarely fatal

Chicken Pox Cases

- Only between 100 to 150 people have died