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Galileo was born in Pisa (italy) on february 15,1564.

he spent most of his life in florence, but often traveled to other places

when he was young he started his formal education at the monastery of vallambrosa, and 7 years later, became a student of medicine at university of pisa. however he never got his degree because of money problems. In his spare time, he studyd mathematics and physical science.

He was dedicated to learning and discovering new things.

he created a book called "Sidereus Nuncius" ("The Starry Messenger") witch is about the evidence he found on the moons mountains, the belt of milkyway, moons circling jupiter, and that there are many stars.

Galileo had people that supported him, one of them was named Ostilio Ricci who was a professer at the Acadimy of Desighn and a family friend.

Giovanfrancesco Sagredo was an influential friend that he met while visiting venice.

Surface of the moon

This is a picture of a sketch Galileo drew when looking at the moon.

it was created in 1610.

this picture is significant because it contributed to all the new discoveries and represented the new human abilities during the renaissance.

I find this piece interesting because it represents the big discoveries that were found at such an early age.

you might find this picture in a museum about early space descoveries.

this picture is an example of scepticism, Becoause Galileo's curiosity lead him to descover new things and added to the new ideas that where created during his time.


AR: Sustermans, Justus (Flemish, 1597-1681) (attributed to)
TI: Galileo Galilei
AA: ARTstor
CN: FRICKIG_10310498692


Title : Surface of the Moon

Date : Originally published 1610

ARTstor : ARTSTOR_103_41822000093573