Deoxyribonucleic Acid To Protien

We wanted to eats the DNA But couldn't. :(

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Picture #1

This is DNA inside a cells nucleus. the DNA shape is called a Double Helix.

the nucleotides A (Adenine) always pairs with T (Thymine), and C (Cytosine) always pairs with G (Guanine).

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picture #2

In this picture it is showing the DNA Splitting so the mRNA can copy part of the DNA so it can leave the nucleus.
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picture #3

transcription is the process of DNA splitting and turning into RNA so it can go to the cytoplasm to be turned into protein by the ribosome's. In RNA the codons are A:U and C:G

DNA is a double helix and RNA is a single helix!.

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pic #4

here is a complete strand of RNA this goes from the nucleus to the ribosome's in the cytoplasm
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Pic #5

this process is called translation what is actually happening is every three codons forms an amino acid. this process is happening in the ribosome's the coloured circles represent amino acids
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Pic #6

this structure represents protein. the protein will form with the other proteins to make tissue and the tissue will become muscles or organs.