Coastal Geologist

By Jacob Atkinson

Job Description

—The study of the dynamic interface between land the ocean and the land, incorporating both physical geography and the human geography of the coast.

Working Conditions

—Not particularly dangerous but you do need to be careful about shallow water. Deadly animals, riptides, and waves

Activities and various areas studied

—Australia, California, African Coasts, and the Caribbean islands mostly.


—Sonar, GPS, Seismograph

2 pros

—You get to be apart of and take credit for whatever your team may find.

—You also get to travel all over the world for research

2 cons

—You would have to be away from family while traveling

—There is a potential threat although its not a very big one.


—This career is necessary in oceanic research. It uncovers questions everyone has about our oceans. We now can know more history about our oceans because of this job and many other similar ones.