Cyberbullying & Sexting

What is it? How can you stop it?

What is Cyberbullying?

The use of digital media tools, such as the Internet and cell phones, to deliberately and repeatedly hurt, harass, or embarrass someone else.

What is sexting?

Sending and receiving sexually explicit/provocative photos/videos via cell phone or other digital technologies.

Some statistics about Cyberbullying and Sexting.

How can you stop it?

Think before you post or send.

Ask yourself:

Would I want my mother/father/guardian to see this?
Do you know who will see it?
Do you trust the person you are sending it to?
If I were in that person's shoes, would I like what is said?
Would this get me in trouble? or my friend?

We are strong together. So help one another.

If you or someone you know is being bullied please tell a trusted adult. If you are sexting or bullying someone else, tell a trusted adult who can help you figure out how to stop. Below are some resources you can use to stop bullying and sexting.

Anti-Bullying Facebook page

Anti-Sexting App

LiveChat for Anti-Bullying

Anti-Sexting Awareness Facebook Page

We We Want Informational Sources (for teens)
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