The Rangers Apprentice:Halt's Peril

Author: John Flanagan/Presentation by :Chance Green


In the book, The Rangers Apprentice: Halt's Peril, by John Flanagan, the main characters are Horace, Halt and Will and takes place in Picta, a northern country. They face major problems like, Halt getting poisoned and still having to get rid of the Outsiders once and for all. Will solves the problem of Halt getting poisoned by traveling day and night to find the best healer in the land. Also, he has a fight to the death with the genovasan to find out what poison he used on Halt. While all this is happening, Horace has to help Will from having a mental breakdown.


Family is the most important thing in life.

Some examples are:

  • Will traveled day and night to get the healer in country, so he could heal Halt.
  • Will went after the Genovasan to find out what poison he used on Halt, so they could cure him.


  1. Character's own thoughts/actions/words:
  • Will is worried for his old mentor who is close to death
  • Will rode day and night to get Malkalam the Sorcerer(a.k.a Malcolm)
2. Other characters' action/words:

  • "He's a remarkable young man," he said to Halt.
"The best," Halt said.

3. Physical appearance:

  • young, slightly-built

Point Of View

Third Person Omniscient

  • At first, Tennyson was tempted to claim the largest share of the small store of food for himself, but caution prevailed.
  • In some ways, he knew, Halt would never stop teaching the younger Ranger.
  • Bacari heard the sudden rush of feet and turned too late.

Figurative Language

Simile: constricting passage twisted like a snake so that the walls seemed to bear down him

Importance: it shows that Will fears the passage a little bit

Metaphor: Will ghosted forward

Importance: it shows the stealthy skills that Rangers have