Using D2L (Desire2Learn)

Creating and Using a Blended Learning Environment

Blended Learning

Many teachers and students have discovered the benefits of blending face-to-face instruction with online learning. Using a Learning Management System like D2L is one way to start this form of instruction. Listen to a teacher explain the benefits she has found when implementing blended learning: Blended Learning, Real Teaching (YouTube).


Desire2learn is the Ministry of Education’s Learning Management System for delivering a blended learning model. It is available to all intermediate teachers in Peel and soon to primary and junior students. Within D2L, students have the ability to participate in meaningful classroom discussions, engage with digital content, create and submit multimedia, web-linked assignments online while receiving teacher feedback within the Secure System. Content is available for a selection of courses, but the environment is customizable including unique tools like the ePortfolio for digital portfolios. Teachers can connect with teachers from the province through the ecommunity. (Taken from Peel21st Chiclet, Blended Learning, D2L:

Online Resources (Courtesy of MrGardnerTech)

Hiding and Revealing Content

Hiding and Revealing Content

Modifying Content

Modifying Content

Adding Your Own Content

Adding Your Own Content

Creating A New Folder For Ministry or Self Created Content

Creating a New Folder-For ministry or Self-Created Content

Creating and Using Dropboxes and Links

Creating and Using Dropboxes and links

Viewing As A Student

Viewing as a student

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